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What type of vehicles does your shuttle and car rental services offer?

Sedans, Transit Vans, SUVs, buses and more. Our fleet features a wide range of passenger amenities designed to make every trip comfortable and convenient.

Who operates the vehicles, shuttles, and jets?

Our uniformed professional chauffeurs, pilots, and drivers are thoroughly checked, tested and vetted. We enforce a stringent substance-abuse policy, screen motor-vehicle records and conduct background checks on all our chauffeurs, pilots, and drivers prior to employment. Each chauffeur, pilot, and driver also undergoes extensive safety, hospitality and area training to ensure your experience reflects our values.

What type of aircraft do you offer?

Whether you’re flying in a small, medium, or large group, we offer a variety of jets including light jets (5-7 Passengers), midsize jets (5-7 Passengers), and heavy jet (8-16 Passengers).

What is Jet Chartering?

Generally, in aviation, you’ll come across two, perhaps three, descriptions for flights. You’ll hear some flights referred to as ‘charter’ flights and others referred to as either ‘commercial’, ‘regular’ or ‘scheduled’ flights. On the face of it, it is actually pretty simple. If we think in simple terms, ‘scheduled’ or ‘commercial’ flights can be equated to buses or trains. They run at a regular and set time over a given period, according to a schedule (hence the name). The time between each service doesn’t matter. As long as there is a recurring pattern on a given date and time, they are generally considered a scheduled service. Travelers embarking on a scheduled service have limited flexibility. They will generally have to pick the ‘best fit’ regarding both the time they want to travel and the destination.

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What is the speed limit in Washington, D.C., DC?

When you book a rental car in Washington, D.C., you should abide by the city’s 25 mph speed limit. The speed limits on any suburban roads and highways in Washington, D.C. are 75 mph and 75 mph, respectively. Be on the lookout for posted signage, because these speed limits might change depending on where you are within Washington, D.C.

Is the weather in Washington, D.C. similar to the rest of District of Columbia?

Those looking to rent a car in Washington, D.C. for a road trip to the surrounding areas, please know the weather in District of Columbia is usually varying and always includes the possibility of extreme weather.

What type of costs should I be expecting?

Our typical cost for a rental is $250 a week for an economy vehicle and up to $1200 a day for a luxury vehicle with a driver.

What Is Freeny Enterprises Travel Management?

We deliver full-service travel management for clients engaging in business or vacation travel. Freeny Enterprises is not a call center. We’re not a website. We are a full-service, concierge travel agency. That means we provide service that is highly professional and highly personal. When you call or email our company, you will get an answer or response from a real, live person. All of our agents have extensive travel industry experience. They work here because they love to travel, and they enjoy helping people. Everything we do at Freeny Enterprises is done in order to give you, our client, an exceptional experience. Give us a try and see how we do it!

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